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About us

The concept of selling watch straps started back at 2011 when the founder realized the absence of care for after sales service in the market towards luxury watch brand that have been sold.

By starting to establish and providing watch strap for luxury branded watches, and through varieties of options, materials used, lead us to the growth of our collection which opens a new possibility in the market to providing straps for all other watch brand.

As our product quality levelled with internatonal luxury brands, we started to create STRAPS brand and opened its first store at 2014 in Pacific Place, hence, an Indonesian straps brand was officially etablished, with additional leather handmade bracelet, and watch accesories as one unity of the brand concept.

STRAPS follows one motto:
"design our watch" 

With full of confidence we can proud to say that we are:

Most Complete Handmade Bracelet, Watch Straps and Accesories Worldwide.

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